Aretha Franklin Kind Of Blabs ‘American Idol’ Spoiler

The Aretha FranklinAmerican Idol blooper had people wondering if the 71-year-old Queen of Soul blabbed the spoiler in the final battle between Candice Glover and Kree Harrison. At the very least, Franklin made it obvious who she voted for: “Candice, tonight you’re a winner. Win or lose, you are a winner. You and Kree both have promising careers.”

Even with the last second mention of Kree, poor Ryan Seacrest had to blink at Franklin’s comment. He tried to joke it off, asking “You don’t have the results do you? Just making sure. What would we do with the rest of the time?”

But Aretha Franklin didn’t quite take the hint that she may have blurted out the possible American Idol spoiler. “I do” have the results, she said, cutting off Seacrest’s stammering. Then she finally remembered to add that she wouldn’t reveal them.

Oops. She kinda, sorta already had.

But it was deniable enough that fans of Kree Harrison could still enjoy a brief moment of suspense for a little while longer.

Franklin performed a medley of hits from her New York studio — with five Idol finalists including Glover herself singing in the Los Angeles Nokia Theatre.

So you could equally well read Aretha Franklin’s enthusiasm for Candice Glover as her appreciation of a new up-and-coming performer that she’d actually worked with.

A couple of observations from Twitter on the Queen of Soul’s American Idol appearance:

This season of American Idol has also featured the controversial Nicki Minaj, another star who sometimes might blab a little too much.

Did you figure out Candice Glover had won American Idol after Aretha Franklin’s comment?

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