Turn Yourself Into A Star Wars Stormtrooper With An Awesome 3D-Printed Figurine

OMG!!! As part of its Star Wars Weekend event, Disney is giving fans the chance to receive a 3D-printed Stormtrooper figure of themselves!

The big event runs from May 17 to June 9 and takes place at the D-Tech Me experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Disney will take the high resolution 3D face scans of each person in attendance and then create the 3D-printed Stormtrooper figuring.

The entire process takes 10-minutes to complete and the high-resolution 3D printer does the rest.

Buyers will have to wait approximately seven to eight weeks to receive their new figuring via domestic shipping.

Also being made available is the option to “cast yourself in Carbonite.” That option inspired by the popular Hans Solo scene from The Empire Strikes Back will allow fans to receive a Carbon-Freeze Me light-up band or a collector button depending on their choice in product.

Disney is charging $99.95 for the Star WarsD-Tech Me experience.

While some Star Wars fans are still skeptical about Disney’s involvement in the Star Wars franchise, it’s this type of cool promotion that makes for an exciting new approach to promoting the long-lived franchise.

3D Printed Stormtrooper

With more rumors sure to arrive over the coming months and JJ Abrams stepping in to direct the first new Star Wars movie in years, we can likely expect more publicity stunts for the series in the near future.

Are you excited to see what Abrams and Disney can do with the Star Wars franchise, or would you rather have left the series in the hands of George Lucas and ILM?