Jennifer Lopez Mansion Rumor Floated In Hamptons

A new Jennifer Lopez mansion in the Hamptons, which offers some of the most exclusive real estate in the United States, if not the world? That’s the rumor floating around today after The New York Post published an “exclusive” claim from an unnamed source that JLo had purchased a $10 million estate in a secluded area called Water Mill.

I don’t doubt that the lady can afford it. Celebrity Net Worth estimates her worth at a cool $250 million.

However, they also say that she has another mansion in Water Mill, which was valued at $18 million when she bought it in September 2011.

People confirmed the 2011 purchase, which included a pool and a dock on Mecox Bay — and also those all-important waterfront views.

So wait. Just how many mansions in the Hamptons does one lady need? And wouldn’t the second mansion be something of a come-down after enjoying a property valued at almost twice as much?

Maybe JLo’s new purchase is supposed to be the doghouse.

A site called Curbed Hamptons
— complete with pathetically obvious photoshop of Jennifer Lopez in front of the new Water Mill mansion — didn’t seem to think much of the property, reporting that it wasn’t on the waterfront.

“The house itself is fairly unpretentious and doesn’t have a tennis court, although there is plenty of room for one,” the writer added.

Is that a snort of contempt that I hear?

A suspicious mind might wonder if anyone, Lopez included, has made an offer on it at all. Even The New York Post admitted that the real estate broker who supposedly made the sale hadn’t commented. Hmm.

I’m not going to tell you what to believe but I, for one, smell a publicity stunt. I’m open to evidence, so if you know anything different, by all means, leave a comment and let me know.

What do you think about the Jennifer Lopez mansion rumors?

[Jennifer Lopez photo by Phil Stafford /]