Overnight Supermarket Feast Lands Kentucky Man In Jail

An overnight supermarket feast has landed a Kentucky man behind bars.

Police arrested Trevor Runyon after the store manager discovered him inside a supermarket outside of Louisville. The man reportedly spent all night inside the location eating a wide variety of items he found on shelves.

The ValuMarket manager said he discovered 57 cans of Redi-Whip inside a garbage can when he opened the store on Monday morning. He later discovered Runyon hiding out in the ceiling of the store. Authorities soon arrived at the scene to place the suspect under arrest.

In addition to working his way through dozens of Redi-Whip cans, he consumed an entire birthday cake, some shrimp, and six steaks. He also smoked several cigarettes and drank quite a few beers during his overnight supermarket feast.

However, Runyon didn’t stop at food. After he accidentally used the bathroom on himself, the suspect snagged some clean clothes from the store to replace the ones he had soiled. Once the party had come to an end, the man climbed into the ceiling and fell asleep.

Officer Michael Huffman told WAVE-TV that surveillance footage from the store shows Runyon sneaking inside the building just before it closed for business on Sunday. The store manager believes that the suspect managed to hid from employees while they were shutting down for the evening.

As strange as it may sound, this isn’t the first time someone from Kentucky has been discovered inside the ceiling of an area retailer. The manager of Roses department store in Lexington discovered someone inside the ceiling. The suspect fell through the ceiling and into the store. Although he was injured, he still tried to get away from officers.

“This is very uncommon for something like this to occur at one o’clock in the afternoon. This is primarily the type of crime we would see usually in the early morning hours,” police explained.

What do you think about the man who enjoyed an overnight supermarket feast in Kentukcy?

[Image via Shutterstock.com]