Jodi Arias Off Suicide Watch After Being Transferred To Psych Unit

Jodi Arias is off suicide watch five days after the woman convicted of killer her boyfriend was transferred to a psychiatric unit.

After being convicted of first-degree murder for slaying boyfriend Travis Alexander, Arias told officers she would rather die than spend her life in prison.

Though Arias is off suicide watch, she may still get that wish. The 32-year-old could face the death penalty for what a jury found was pre-meditated murder.

Arias had been accused of killing Alexander in a calculated fit of rage after he ended their relationship and began dating other women. Arias had originally claimed that her former boyfriend was killed by masked intruders after the two had spent the afternoon having sex, but she later changed her story and said she killed him in self-defense.

During the trial the defense for Jodi Arias tried to paint Alexander as violent and controlling, but the jury did not buy the argument. Alexander had been stabbed multiple times and shot.

Jurors will convene this week to deliberate on whether she deserves the death penalty. If they do, she would become one of three women on Arizona’s death row.


After making the claim that she would rather die than spend her life in prison, Arias spent five days in the psychiatric unit.

On Monday, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office said Arias was off suicide watch and was being transferred back to the all-women’s Estrella Jail.

The Jodi Arias case, which dragged out for months in Arizona court, became a media spectacle, with constant live coverage and high anticipation built around the verdict. There is already a movie in the works about the trial.

Though Arias is off suicide watch, the famous convicted murderer is being held under close guard. She is only allowed outside of her cell for one hour a day, a time when she can take showers or make phone calls.