Samsung Claims 5G Smartphones On The Horizon

Samsung Electronics has announced that it has made a major breakthrough when it comes to the next generation of smartphones and believes it will be able to roll out 5G smartphones by 2020.

The announcement on Monday means that the company is the first major smartphone producer to make such a boast. The Galaxy S4 creator says it has actually perfected the technology needed for the fifth generation of connection speeds, but the delay will come in getting users online.

A report last month noted that the company has been a bit “freaked out” by the quality of its competitor’s phones and it appears that this revelation is a direct response.

Samsung’s solve seems to come with their new ability to use a higher frequency band. This higher band will allow the company to send massive data packages at much higher speeds “without limitation.”

The 5G network speeds would apparently dwarf what we are seeing at 4G in the same way that the fourth generation devices have outclassed 3G.

In their official announcement this morning, the South Korea based company said that, “”The millimeter-wave band is the most effective solution to recent surges in wireless Internet usage.”

So why will the rollout take as many as seven years to get here? The answer to that is simply that it takes a while for the new consumer networks to get online on a wide scale.

4G networks became a reality in 2008, but there are still wide swaths of the United States that don’t have access. China is having problems getting their LTE networks up and running as well.

This announcement does serve to put the company’s competitors on notice that they are coming to play in the next couple of years.

If nothing else, this means that other players in the market are going to have to step up their own game.

Will Samsung be able to back up its claims about their 5G breakthrough?