Facebook Updates Real Life [Video]

Facebook updates have become almost a regular part of life, but what would happen if Facebook updated real life around us?

A video shows what the results would be if Facebook updated real life the way it updated the site, and the results are maddening to say the least.

The video begins with the words “A Facebook update in real life” appearing on the screen before our unwitting hero Nick arrives home with his groceries. What we discover to be the Facebook tour guide is standing right inside the door, smiling. Nick starts in, “Oh dammit.”

The tour guide cuts him off, “Hello! Welcome home, Nick!” Text appears in front of him as he says, “Your new home update is ready for viewing.”

Nick is annoyed, “Are you serious? I just got used to the way you had it before.”

The annoying tour guide says, “Just let me know when you’re ready to begin the tour.” The text pops up in the blinded window with a button, “Begin the tour!”

Nick thinks it over and finally resigns himself to it, “Okay.” He slaps the button and it disappears.

The tour guide turns with him and says, “As you can see we’ve made some changes to improve the functionality of your living room environment.” We see the white outline of a couch shrink until it fits the size of the chair.

Nick says, “No, where’s the other half of my couch? What’s this chair thing?”

The Facebook tour guide cuts him off again, “We’ve decreased the size of your television to make room for your new bookcase.”

Nick replies, “No, I had a 60 inch TV! Couldn’t you just…”

The tour guide again cuts him off, “Just let me know when you’re ready to move on.”

Again, Nick slaps a button in the window, “Okay.”

The tour guide leads him into the next room, “Check out your new bedroom. We’ve consolidated your photos and music into one convenient location.” We see a guy on Nick’s bed looking through a photo album, and a guy listening to a headset and smoking a cigarette with sunglasses on.

The rest of the video is above.

What do you think of the video? Would you agree that Facebook tends to be intrusive when it comes to updating the site like this video shows?