Yoga With Cats: Instructional Video Is Purr-fectly Adorable [Video]

Do you love yoga? Do you love cats? Then we have the video for you.

Uploaded to YouTube by Sho Ko on May 8, the “yoga with cats” video is pretty irresistible for yoga and cat fans alike. Shorty and Kodi gracefully run through a number of common yoga poses with their master, and seem to possess an almost zen-like chemistry as they work out together.

“Become one with the breath and the purr through this yoga sequence for you and your cats!” the video description reads.

The video starts with a laugh, as Kodi is lifted into “Lion King pose,” which is exactly what it sounds like. There’s another pose called “Cuddlecatasana,” which, again, is exactly what it sounds like.

Various “warrior” poses have been re-branded “purrior.” Cute. Also, Kodi shows a specific distaste for the upward and downward dog poses.

Shorty and Kodi actually have a pretty vibrant online presence, as well. The yoga-doing duo have a Facebook fan page with over 7,000 “likes” (which you can check out here) though their Twitter account could use a bit more love with only 300 followers and change.

Though Shorty and Kodi are minted viral stars, there’s quite a bit of love for their human in the comments as well. One user commented “i need to marry this guy! :o” with another agreeing: “Thumbs up if u wanna marry him!!”

The video has almost 1,500 “thumbs up,” so it seems like he’ll have no problem securing a mate. Whether Shorty and Kodi will allow it is another story.

Check out the “yoga with cats” video below and let us know what you think!