‘RoboCop’ Reboot Shoots Additional Scenes In Vancouver

The troubled RoboCop reboot recently shot some additional scenes in Vancouver on Friday evening.

The streets of the Canadian city were briefly taken over by a crew involved with the filming of MGM’s delayed remake of Paul Verhoeven’s classic 80s action flick.

Quite a few fans reportedly showed up to watch star Joel Kinnaman shoot some extra scenes as the robotic hero. His stunt double was also spotted on-set in a suit of body armor as he rode a motorcycle into an area parking lot.

The Vancouver Convention Center served as the headquarters for OmniCorp, the sinister corporation featured in the film. It’s here that slain police officer Alex Murphy is transformed into the title character.

A number of extras were also recruited to shoot these additional scenes for Jose Padilha’s RoboCop reboot. Several people were decked out in OmniCorp Security uniforms while standing outside of the convention center entrance. The photos featured at YVR Shoots show one guy on the ground as RoboCop approaches on his motorcycle.

There hasn’t been a lot of information about MGM’s flick in recent months. Outside of a few leaked set photos and conceptual artwork, fans haven’t been privy to a lot of details regarding the story. MGM hasn’t been very forthcoming about the film; the only thing substantial the studio has released is a short teaser trailer.

Although buzz surrounding the project was initially strong, a series of set photos caused an unexpected backlash against the movie. Shortly after these negative reports started making the rounds, MGM pushed the film’s release from this summer to early 2014.

Regardless of how well the film plays out on-screen, the remake does sport a very impressive cast. In addition to The Killing star Joel Kinnaman, the flick stars Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton, Abbie Cornish, Jay Baruchel, Jackie Earle Haley, and Michael Kenneth Williams.

Curious to see photos from the set of RoboCop? Swing by YVR Shoots to see quite a few images featuring Joel Kinnaman as the future of law enforcement.