Kanye Hits Head On ‘Caution’ Sign, Takes It Out On Paparazzi [Video]

On Friday, Kim Kardashian’s baby daddy had an impromptu NSFW moment. Kanye hit his head on a road sign and after collecting himself for a moment, he snapped on a nearby paparazzi.

It’s not often we take the side of the paparazzi but this time, it’s hard not to sympathize. Taking Kim to 9021 Pho, a Vietnamese joint in an upscale Beverly Hills suburb, Kanye bumped into a sign that read “Caution: Watch For Pedestrians” while keeping his head down to avoid the paps.

He stopped for a moment and gathered himself after a loud “THUD,” and Kim checked to see if he was okay.

The 35-year-old rapper shrugged the hit off, and possibly out of his embarrassment, snapped on a paparazzo who asked if he was okay.

“Don’t take another f**king photo man,” Kanye cautioned. “All you motherf**kers stop it.”

The tape jump-cuts to Kanye getting aggressive with a paparazzo, pushing his camera out of his hands and screaming obscenities at him.

Another patron jumps in, apparently attempting to diffuse the situation, and Kanye storms off into the restaurant.

Kim and Kanye were out house hunting.

In photos of the incident, which you can check out here, Kanye seems to have suffered a large mark right in the middle of his forehead. It is white from the sign, but there doesn’t seem to be any blood.

Maybe if Kanye had shrugged it off and quipped “it’s only a flesh wound!” we’d go a little easier on him today, but his strange and erratic behavior over the past several years has me wondering whether he needs a little bonk on the head to set him right and make him a little more sociable.

But that’s me. Check out the NSFW video of Kanye hitting his head on the road sign below:

[iframe src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/APJoyFyAVjo” width=”560? height=”315?]

[Image via: s_bukley, Shutterstock]

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