AT&T No Contract Service Aio Wireless Price In Cell Carrier Comparison

The AT&T no contract service called Aio Wireless will feature prices cheaper than most cell carriers.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the AT&T no contract plans through Aio Wireless were announced just today.

The monthly AT&T no contract plans range in price, from $35 to $70. No contract plans include 4G service. Additional options, including extended data or international talk and text, can be included for an additional charge per month.

The launch of Aio Wireless will be similar to MetroPCS, which focuses on metropolitan areas primarily. AT&T no contract plans will initially become available in Tampa, Houston, and Orlando. AT&T plans to expand the offer to more states throughout the year. Unlocked phones can be transferred to the service, or new phones can be purchased directly from Aio Wireless.

But how is the AT&T no contract plan pricing when compared to competitors? The AT&T no contract plan is being offered primarily to compete with T-Mobile’s no contract plans, which also received the iPhone 5 recently. T-Mobile also bought MetroPCS, which focuses exclusively on no contract plans, but like Aio Wireless MetroPCS will to continue operating as a separate brand name. Still, MetroPCS and T-Mobile will be merging their cell networks and 4G coverage by the end of the year.


An AT&T no contract plan comparison shows the prices to be similar to MetroPCS, which throttles 4G speeds down to 3G speeds after a monthly bandwidth limit is met. Aio Basic provides 250MB of 4G speeds, talk, and text for $40 per month. Aio Smart throttles after 2GB for $55 per month. Aio Pro throttles data after 7GB for $70 per month.

MetroPCS plans are priced at $40, $50, and $60, with throttling speeds respectively set at 500MB, 2.5GB, and unlimited 4G. MetroPCS also includes taxes within these prices and family plans knock off $5 per phone. While MetroPCS pricing is better than the planned AT&T no contract plans, MetroPCS is still only available in limited markets (of course, so is Aio Wireless).

A no contract Boost Mobile plan from Sprint starts at $55 per month for unlimited 4G with Android smartphones. But the initial $55 price shrinks down to $40 if no payments are missed after 18 months.

After seeing this AT&T no contract plan price comparison for Aio Wireless, which cell carrier will you choose?