Dallas Robber Beats Clerk With Hammers

Dallas, TX – A clerk was critically injured when a thief beat him nearly to death with hammers. Dallas police officers released surveillance store footage of the attack earlier this week. Law enforcement officers are hoping someone will recognize the man and come forward.

The hammer attack happened at a Dallas AZ Mart on Wednesday, KXAS-TV reports. The clerk came out from behind a protective glass partition and the thief slashed his throat. It is unknown at this time why the clerk went into the general store area, The Blaze notes.

Once the clerk's throat had been slashed, the robber dragged the victim to the hardware supply aisle. The already injured Dallas store clerk was then subjected to a beating with multiple hammers.

Dallas Deputy Police Chief Sherryl Scott had this to say about the hammer attack:

"Not often do we see a robbery where the robber gets the money. Normally, the robber runs off but, in this case, he actually stayed and commenced to beating our complainant with a hammer."
Police officers searched the area near the AZ Mart for clues. Due to statements by locals, the police feel the robber may have been a regular customer at the store. Dallas law enforcement officers also noted that the thief got away with some cash, but they are not sure how much.

After the hammer beating the clerk was transported to the local hospital. The victim's condition has been upgraded from critical to serious. Due to the nature of his injuries, the clerk has not been able to speak with detectives.