‘Resident Evil: Revelations’ Trailer Shows Off Wii U Features [Video]

Resident Evil: Revelations has landed a Wii U trailer showing off the features of Nintendo’s console version.

Resident Evil was the console title that showed us zombies could make a workable story subject for a game. It was so successful that it spawned several sequels, and launched almost a new genre of game type. Capcom’s zombie killer franchise may be single-handedly responsible for the emergence of Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising, Dead Island, and movies such as Zombieland and of course the most successful video game based film series of all time, Resident Evil.

There is no denying the influence Resident Evil has had on modern media, and Resident Evil: Revelations brings you back to the original gameplay of the series while maintaining the over-the-shoulder view and spooky atmosphere of the more recent games, unless you prefer the alternative first-person style. Technically, it’s the best of both worlds, and the Wii U desperately needs new games such as this.

The trailer for Resident Evil: Revelations begins with the perspective of closing in on a submarine door with a circular window at the end of a hallway, and as you approach the door, a hand slaps against the glass.

We then see the text on screen, “Resident Evil Revelations on Wii U.”

We see a submarine from the top as we zoom away, spinning dramatically. A blonde woman with a ponytail awaits an approaching ship, and then is seen holding a gun up at the ready on board alongside someone else. We then see her running down a hallway lined with paintings, gun in hand.

Then we see a man shooting at two white-clad zombies seemingly writhing under gunfire as a Wii U GamePad is brought into view showing a minimap. He is then tinkering with what looks like a circuit breaker box while someone else is in the same room likely busy with something. Again, the GamePad comes into view, showing the puzzle elements as he works on it.

The rest of the trailer is above.

What do you think of the Wii U trailer for Resident Evil: Revelations?