‘Mario’: iPhone Owners Want Nintendo’s Games

iPhone owners want Mario and other Nintendo games on their mobile devices.

In these near-apocalyptic days of financial crisis, Nintendo can use all the help they can get. Must-own games are only trickling in for the Wii U, though first party licensed titles are said to be coming by October. Now iPhone owners are speaking up and saying they want Nintendo games on their mobile devices.

Such a move could easily boost Nintendo’s profit margins, as iPhone users still outnumber Android according to The Inquisitr. Offering older Mario games on iPhone for even ten or twenty dollars each could help Nintendo even further with their flagging sales. Yes, the controls would require a touchscreen overhaul on the most part, but iPhone owners want their Mario. Supply and demand are laws Nintendo really can’t afford to ignore at this point.

Coupled with Nintendo possibly allowing smartphone apps to be ported to the Wii U, giving iPhone owners Mario and other first party titles could easily be the break they’re looking for. Just think about reliving your glory days of Super Mario Bros. 3 on a mobile device and you can see where the profits could boom.

While demand for Wii U is lower than any console Nintendo has ever produced (except the Virtual Boy), demand for their first party games will never drop. At least as long as the first party titles are made with the same quality we expect from the company that Shigeru Miyamoto built, we will never stop wanting them.

Online game developer Zynga has been reported as saying that tablets will be the ultimate gaming platform of the future, so if Nintendo decided to bank on the idea and port Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Metroid and the like to iPhone and iPad, Apple consumers will most likely grab those apps faster than birds in a bread store.

Do you think Nintendo should port Mario and other first party titles to the iPhone?

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