Softbank CEO Hypes His 4G Experience Ahead Of Sprint Buyout

SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son hyped up his 4G LTE experience ahead of his company’s final closing on its buyout of Sprint.

As Sprint shareholders prepared for a final vote of confidence for Son, he touted his company’s own advances in single frequency network technology, which has reduced signal interference.

The $20.1 billion offer to buy Sprint has come with promises from SoftBank that it will increase signals and provide higher speed mobile data transfer.

Sprint Wireless is expected to receive the TD-LTE spectrum from Clearwire, and Masayoshi Son is being touted as the best man to lead the company towards mass adoption of that high speed mobile data. SoftBank already uses the TD-LTE spectrum, which should make adopting it for mobile devices in the United States a rather simple processor.

As Son explains, SoftBank 4G service is “the first time in the world that this transmission method has been employed for commercial use, and we’re already using it on a large scale.”

Dish Network has offered $25.5 billion to purchase Sprint; however, Dish chairman Charlie Ergen has taken a people first approach. Rather than touting his company’s own technological advances Ergen says Sprint needs, “US employees who speak English. Ergen also notes that Dish’s offer is better and “That’s just math.”

Sprint shareholders will have a while to make up their minds about the acquisition. They are set to vote on both buyout offers on June 12, 2013.

Do you think Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son is the right fight for helping Sprint head into the future?