Honey Boo Boo July Premiere Kicked Off By Redneck Wedding

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is going to be back with all new episodes in July and the first episode will apparently feature a wedding.

June “Mama June” Shannon and her longtime beau Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson apparently recently tied the knot and the season premiere of this year’s show will feature all the escapades from that affair.

The titular star, otherwise known as Alana Thompson, took part in the ceremony that was exactly like you might think this backwoods and backwards family’s affair might be.

The bride apparently decided to go against the usual white and instead donned a camouflage gown. That dress was matched by the groom’s ensemble of camo pants and orange vest.

Honey Boo Boo was actually one of the only ones who was dressed somewhat along the norm. The seven-year old sported a bright pink and peach ruffled dress.

Once the ceremony was complete, the newlyweds drove off in a yellow ATV that had tin cans tied to the back in true redneck fashion.

The show, which has had its fair share of odd characters and rambling plot lines has come under fire almost every season its been on. This season will most likely be no different.

TLC doesn’t particularly seem to care how much flack they get. Despite claims that Alana’s family is exploiting her, to some accusations that they’re doing quite a bit more the show continues to get huge ratings.

The show averaged about 2.3 million viewers a year ago, which put it in line with some of TLC’s other controversial titles like, Sister Wives, Breaking Amish and Long IslandMedium.

While it has had its fair share of critics it has also had some strong advocates. After Uncle Poodle came out as gay and the precious Alana gave him her full throated support, Out magazine sang the series’ praises.

What do you think of the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Wedding?