'Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14' Better With Kinect [Video]

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 is better with the Xbox 360 Kinect.

The YouTube video from the xbox channel features Amanda Balionis talking about her first experience playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 with her friend Bud … and without the controller.

The world's number one selling golf videogame franchise returns with an array of exciting features, including full support for Kinect for Xbox 360.

Amanda Balionis starts the video taking a virtual swing in the Tiger Woods game with Bud looking on, "My first impression of using the Kinect with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 was that it's an absolute game-changer. Going controller-free was unlike any golf videogame experience I ever had, and it added an extra level of fun to the game."

We see Amanda Balionis' game results as a golf ball lands between the trees and the water on screen, and she switches places with Bud for his turn. She continues, "I've known Bud for a while, he's a trash-talker, so I was a little nervous playing against a skilled pro golfer like him, but I quickly realized it's a pretty level playing field in the videogame when he had water on the 17th."

We see Bud's ball bouncing in the grass and splashing into a lake on the screen before Amanda Balionis takes over again and her ball lands rather close to the hole, "Meanwhile, I stuck my shot within ten feet of the pin, so uh, can we get a replay of that? It was a pretty good time."

We then see Amanda Balionis talking to the camera before we get a view of a golfer taking a swing in the game. She says, "My favorite things about playing the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 with the Kinect was the full-body tracking setup, where I could see my silhouette on the screen, but what I really liked was the voice control."

We see the golfer on-screen as the club switches and Amanda Balionis says, "I could say 'seven iron' and instantly, a seven iron would be in my hands, or even better, requesting a putt preview by just saying 'putt preview'. That was pretty fun."

Do you think any games like or other than Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 are better with the Xbox 360 Kinect?