‘Jersey Shore’ Spoilers: Dr. Drew Attempts To Bring Peace Between Angelina Pivarnick & Jenni Farley

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation has an unlikely visitor for the newest episode of the MTV series. Several cast members, fed up with the drama between Jenni Farley and Angelina Pivarnick, called on Dr. Drew to help them sort out their issues and unite them.

On the February 4 episode, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro called the media personality and addiction medicine specialist. He explained the issues that had impacted the cast since a year ago, when Jenni, Deena Cortese, and Nicole Polizzi made a speech at Angelina’s wedding which did not hit its mark.

Tonight, Dr. Drew Pinsky will take Jenni to task over a remark she made to Deena via a text message, a comment that divided the house.

Deena and Angelina initially avoided one another as the cast vacationed together at a hotel in Las Vegas. After a particularly awkward dinner, the women decided it would be best if they sat down and discussed their issues. Deena and Angelina agreed it would be best to move on with their friendship, to the delight of their male castmates. These include Paul DelVecchio, Ronnie, Vinny Guadagnino, and Mike Sorrentino.

Jenni, who was home and recovering from surgery, reportedly encouraged Deena to not talk to Angelina, or she would not move forward with her plans to attend the vacation. This exchange was caught by Jersey Shore‘s ever-present cameras.

In a sit-down with the male cast members and Deena, the doctor addressed Jenni directly about her problems with Angelina and asked if she were willing to move past them. He also circled the text that Jenni sent Deena without directly addressing Jenni about the topic, hopeful she would bring it up herself.

Ronnie, frustrated with the fact that everyone feared confronting Jenni, told her he heard Deena’s conversation with Mike and his wife Lauren that was caught on-camera, where she confided in them about Jenni’s remarks. Jenni backpedaled on her statement.

Deena cried and said she was “done” talking to anyone. Pauly shared his fears the sit-down would further destroy their family.

Fans on Instagram weighed in with their comments regarding the drama, reacting to the show’s social media upload, seen above.

“Well, someone finally called out JWowww!!” wrote one follower.

“Ronnie has really stepped up this season. It’s been great to see how much he has changed,” penned a second viewer.

“This feels like the episode with the note all over again,” recalled a third Instagram user who referenced the infamous letter Jenni and Nicole wrote to Ronnie’s ex, Sammi Giancola, when he cheated on her.

“The way she looked at Deena says it all,” observed a fourth fan.

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