Meghan McCain Says She Is ‘Obsessed’ With Motherhood After Daughter Liberty’s Birth

Meghan McCain revealed she is “obsessed” with motherhood after giving birth to her daughter Liberty Sage in September 2020. In a new interview with People, The View host shared her feelings of surprise at how quickly she took to the role after being uncertain how she would handle its demands.

She claimed to the outlet that “no one is more surprised” than she is at how much she loves motherhood.

“Something must happen to your body chemically. There must be something primitive that kicks in. I don’t feel as tired anymore. I get like four hours of sleep, and I’m like, “Oh my God, that was like four hours of sleep,’ ” she admitted to the publication.

She said that she can’t believe how much she likes motherhood. She admitted she was back and forth about ever having children with her husband, Ben Domenech. She noted she was glad she made the jump and got over her fear of having a baby, adding that she “cannot believe” how obsessed she is.

She claimed she felt like the universe laughed at her because she was so afraid and reluctant about having children, even while she was pregnant with Liberty.

The birth of the couple’s first child came on the heels of a devastating miscarriage she suffered in July 2019. Meghan shared that experience made her feel that perhaps she was not meant to be a mother. She said she prayed to her father, the late Arizona Sen. John McCain, to help her make the right decision moving forward and added that she was okay with whatever helped her resolve her conflicted feelings.

She was thrilled upon finding she was pregnant shortly after returning to her family’s Arizona home for the first time since her father died.

Meghan shared that the pure love she has for her daughter makes her even more connected to her father than ever before. She felt a massive loss after his death in August 2018 and believed she would never feel that type of connection to anyone in that manner again. She said that Liberty’s birth had amplified that happy feeling of being deeply in love with someone.

People wrote that Liberty entered the world after Meghan endured 30-hour labor, following by an emergency cesarean section. The infant made her debut to The Beach Boys’ tune “Don’t Worry Baby.” Currently, Meghan, Ben, and their daughter make their home in Washington D.C.

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