Brooke Mueller On Involuntary Psychiatric Hold, Denise Richards Pitches In With Sheen’s Twin Boys [Video]

Brooke Mueller lost her twin boys on Thursday night because she had already been placed in an involuntary psychiatric hold at the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) Medical Center. An unnamed source close to the Mueller family made the claim in an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.

As I reported for The Inquisitr yesterday, the 4-year-old twin boys with Anger Management star Charlie Sheen were taken away from the Mueller residence on Thursday night when child protective services showed up with a warrant.

“Brooke was taken to the medical center on Wednesday night, after she was deemed to be a threat to herself and to others,” the RadarOnline source stated.

In December, Brooke Mueller checked into rehab for what was widely reported to be an Adderall addiction, making it the stunning 19th visit to rehab for the rarely-working actress who just can’t seem to beat her addictions. A Mueller representative disputed the claim that there were drugs in her system, saying that she’d voluntarily gone to the hospital to prevent a relapse.

At that time, Denise Richards, also a Charlie Sheen ex-wife and the mother of Sheen’s two daughters, stepped up to the plate to take care of Mueller’s twins.

She’s helping out again.

It’s a generous gesture, but people naturally want to know why the father can’t take in his own kids. Charlie Sheen’s spokesman Larry Solters has stepped forward to say that Sheen will indeed participate in the court proceedings related to the custody of the boys.

He was famously involved in a bitter divorce and custody dispute with ex-wife Brooke, which included a misdemeanor assault guilty plea after an attack on her. Apparently, a court will have to decide if Sheen is allowed to take the boys before he can intervene.

Meanwhile, Solters said that Sheen is happy with Richards having custody because she offers “a safe and…stable, loving environment.”

No comment so far from Brooke Mueller’s rep.

[Brooke Mueller with twins Bob and Max photo by Helga Esteb /]