Charlie Sheen’s Twins Removed From Mother, Placed With Denise Richards

Charlie Sheen’s twins were removed from their mother, 35-year-old Brooke Mueller, on Thursday night. According to TMZ, the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) appeared at Mueller’s home with a warrant to remove the 4-year-old boys from what they called an “unsafe environment.”

ABC said that DCFS isn’t allowed to confirm the report. And, so far, Sheen and Mueller aren’t talking either.

Unnamed sources told both TMZ and ABC that Denise Richards had taken temporary custody of the boys. It might seem odd that the twin’s father Charlie Sheen wouldn’t be given custody, but who knows? He may have figured that Richards is the best person for the job.

Another anonymous source told E! Online that Denise Richards is the natural choice because she has frequently cared for the twins in the past, including times when Mueller has tried rehab.

“The boys have spent so much time with Denise that it was the logical choice that she would get temporary custody. Charlie is completely supportive of it and wants what’s best for the boys. Charlie will probably have a better relationship with the boys now,” that source claimed.

In late 2012, Richards told Access Hollywood, “I’m there for the boys” any time that Sheen or Mueller wanted her to help out with the twins.

Another report said that Brooke Mueller had been through rehab a stunning 19 times and just couldn’t shake her problem with drugs. Mueller and Sheen went through a particularly ugly divorce, including Sheen’s arrest for stalking and attacking Mueller that eventually resulted in a guilty plea for misdemeanor assault.

His relationship with Richards is far more cordial. The 42-year-old actress recently appeared in a cameo on Sheen’s Anger Management.

With Charlie Sheen’s twins in her custody, their father can probably see them a lot more often.

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