Melissa Marescot ‘My 600-LB Life’ Update: See How The Florida Woman Is Doing After The Show Ended

Melissa Marescot came into My 600-LB Life hoping to be able to regain her life, as she wanted to lose weight and gain mobility that would allow her to go out with friends.

Melissa had made some significant strides by the end of her episode, but it remained to be seen just how far along she’s gone toward her goals since then.

The Florida woman was featured on the January 27 episode of the TLC docu-series, showing her journey to Houston to work with renowned weight-loss surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. As The Cinemaholic reported, the 36-year-old woman had struggled with her weight through a lifetime of trauma, turning to eating as a way to find comfort while growing up in an abusive home. The trauma deepened when her father walked out on the family when Melissa was young, and she ended up pregnant at the age of 15. After an abortion, she dropped out of school and fell deeper into depression.

As the report noted, she was able to find success through Dr. Now’s program of exercise and a strict 1,200-calorie diet, dropping more than 150 pounds to come down under 500. But she still was unable to qualify for weight-loss surgery, the outlet added, and Dr. Now asked if she would move to Houston so that he could work more closely with her. Many people featured on the show have found greater success when relocating to Houston, where his practice is located, but Melissa decided against it and returned to Florida instead.

How she did after the My 600-LB Life cameras stopped rolling was not entirely clear. She maintains social media pages but they had been set to private, so it was not known whether she was able to continue losing weight. There was a public profile photo on her Instagram page, and while it appeared to show her looking happy and slightly smaller than her heaviest weight, it was not clear if there were any further losses.

She remained optimistic of finding more success on her journey, even without surgery. At the end of her My 600-LB Life episode, Melissa said that she was determined to keep working to get into better shape and regain mobility. She had even been able to start dating again, meeting a man named Elijah through a friend and building up a support system.

“I’m not going to stop or give up until I’m living my best life yet and I get to where I need,” she told cameras. “I’m going to do it.”

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