NBA Rumors: Proposed Blockbuster Would Send Trae Young And Clint Capela To The Boston Celtics

Since the 2020-21 NBA season started, several crazy trade ideas have surfaced. These include a hypothetical blockbuster deal between the Boston Celtics and the Atlanta Hawks that would send Trae Young and Clint Capela to Beantown. In the proposed scenario by Greg Patuto of NBA Analysis Network, the Celtics would be trading Kemba Walker, Daniel Theis, a 2021 first-round pick, a 2023 first-round pick, a 2025 first-round pick, a 2027 first-round pick, and the right to swap first-rounders in 2022 to the Hawks in exchange for Young, Capela, and Tony Snell.

Any team would definitely think twice before giving up multiple first-round selections in a single transaction. However, knowing team president of basketball operations and general manager Danny Ainge, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he immediately pulls the trigger on such a deal, especially if it means acquiring an All-Star-caliber player like Young, without losing Jayson Tatum or Jaylen Brown.

“The Boston Celtics are a team that has never been afraid of making the big move to build a winner. This would be another instance that would potentially make history for the franchise. The benefit of this deal for the Celtics is simple. Trae Young has quickly turned into one of the most dynamic point guards in the league. Despite their need in the frontcourt, the Celtics could use an elite three-point shooter. Young would immediately take over as one of the franchise players moving forward. Young would fit into the offense and benefit greatly from playing on a winner.”

Young would undeniably be an incredible addition to the Celtics, giving them a third star that perfectly fits the timeline of their two franchise cornerstones. Young, Tatum, and Brown would still need to find the best way to mesh on the court since all of them need the ball in their hands to maximize their full potential on the court. However, if they grow together and find the right chemistry, the Celtics could form a “Big Three” that is capable of ruling the entire league for years.

Aside from Young, the proposed scenario would send a starting-caliber, defensive-minded center to Boston. Capela’s arrival would further solidify their frontcourt, giving them a very reliable scoring option under the basket, a monster rebounder, and a quality rim protector. Having Capela on their roster would strengthen their chances of winning a best-of-seven series against powerhouse teams with dominant big men like the Brooklyn Nets, Miami Heat, Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Lakers, Philadelphia 76ers, and the Denver Nuggets.

As of now, acquiring Young and Capela is just a pipe dream for the Celtics. Despite the drama surrounding their team, the Hawks haven’t given any indication that they are planning to move their franchise players before the 2021 trade deadline.

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