'General Hospital' Casting News: Lexi Ainsworth Returning As Kristina Davis-Corinthos At Last

Actress Lexi Ainsworth confirmed via her Instagram stories that she is about to return to General Hospital after some time away. Fans have been quite vocal over the past few months regarding the absence of Kristina Davis-Corinthos, so everybody will be glad to see her back.

On Wednesday, Lexi shared a snap via her Instagram stories showing her watching the Biden inauguration. That on its own wouldn't have been all that big a revelation. However, she added text indicating that she was at the Prospect Studios, which happens to be where General Hospital films.

That tidbit did not go unnoticed, and Lexi soon confirmed she was indeed stepping back into the role of Kristina. She shared a couple of shots via her stories of word spreading, and it seems that General Hospital viewers won't have to wait too long to see this happen.

According to Soap Opera News, Lexi will first appear on-screen again on the February 8 episode of General Hospital. Given recent preemptions and schedule shifts, it is possible that the date may shift a bit, but the actress herself did confirm that was the currently anticipated date.

Regardless of the exact date, General Hospital viewers are ready to have Kristina back in Port Charles.

"FINALLY. love her can she stay and #GH actually give her a storyline? kristina is sonny's best child," one person tweeted.

Lexi Ainsworth, Maurice Benard, and Nancy Lee Grahn star on 'General Hospital'
ABC | Craig Sjodin

Kristina was seen in a couple of episodes last November, and briefly at other times last fall. However, a lot has happened with her family since then.

Alexis fell off the wagon and has been a mess for some time now. In addition, Sonny supposedly died in the fall from the bridge. General Hospital viewers know that he's still alive, but all of his loved ones currently believe he's dead.

Kristina has been nowhere to be seen throughout this, even with Sonny's memorial service. Not only that, but no explanation for her absence has been given.

Will Lexi be back on-screen for a while now? General Hospital spoilers don't reveal any specifics on that front. Some fans are worried, however, that this will be something of a one-off that will only incorporate Kristina for one or two shows.

"Great! I hope it's for more than Sonny's funeral. Kristina is needed on the scene. It'd be nice to see her supporting her family as well as driving her own story. Everyone from her mom to her siblings have some kind of mess going on...What if Julian left the pub to her?!" someone suggested, recalling that she worked at Charlie's and connect with Julian for a bit.

For now, anxious General Hospital fans will have to hang tight and wait for additional spoilers to emerge regarding Lexi's return as Kristina.