'General Hospital' Scheduling Shift & Spoilers: Elizabeth Confronts Franco

General Hospital fans will not see a new episode air on Wednesday due to the Biden-Harris inauguration coverage. However, a fresh show returns on Thursday, and spoilers indicate that some major developments are on the way.

Early Wednesday morning, the General Hospital Twitter page confirmed that the next new episode would air on Thursday. In some parts of the country, people may see a rerun episode.

The General Hospital sneak peek revealed some juicy tidbits regarding what's on the way. For starters, everybody will have the chance to see how Ned reacts to Olivia's realization that something very bad happened recently.

Ned, and his mother Tracy, have gone to great lengths since that drunken fling with Alexis to keep Olivia from finding out about it. However, Olivia finally pieced a lot together and confronted her husband.

Will he come clean and tell the truth? He'll state that "this" stops now, and Olivia had better brace herself for a lot of heartbreak if both Ned and Tracy admit to the lies they've told.

Elizabeth will also tear into Franco during the January 21 show. She was stunned to hear Sam talk about Franco's visit to the penthouse as he sought out Jason. She returned home and quickly told her husband she was upset, and he has no idea what's coming.

According to General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, Franco will need to make a quick decision here. Will he tell Elizabeth the truth or will he try to protect her by lying?

It sounds as if he will probably be truthful. At one point, Liz will get emotional as she pleads for Franco to explain why he would be so quick to throw everything away.

It won't take long for Elizabeth to track down Jason and give him a tongue-lashing over this. Given that, she'll probably know what Franco asked of Jason and she'll be angry he both agreed to it and that he didn't tell her.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Anna will have a chat with Kevin. She will tell him that she doesn't believe something for a second, and this might be about Dr. Kirk's death.

Anna is suspicious of Dante's return to town, questioning why the WSB would approve it. Kirk's death has given her more reason to be suspicious, but Kevin probably won't be able to tell her much.

There's quite a bit involving Maxie and Peter coming during the next show too. She'll spend time with Dante, and it seems that Peter will connect with Britt.

General Hospital spoilers hint at secrets emerging on multiple fronts soon, and everybody will get a taste of what's ahead on Thursday.