‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ned’s Determined As He Faces Olivia’s Questions

General Hospital spoilers for the next new show suggest that Ned’s going to be backed into a corner and may finally come clean with Olivia. He’s been dancing around this for a while now, but it looks as if he’s run out of ways to hide his fling with Alexis from his wife.

Over the past few shows, Olivia did what she could to dig into what really happened the night that Alexis was arrested for drunk driving. She was right in believing that Alexis had not been driving that night. However, exploring all of what’s happened has paved the way for her to now have her heart broken.

The latest General Hospital teasers from SheKnows Soaps suggest that this situation will prompt a lot of emotional moments over the course of the next couple of weeks. Not only will Ned, Olivia, and Tracy be left with a mess to clean up, but Alexis has plenty to manage as well.

During Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, some family members gathered at the Quartermaine mansion. It was time to have Ned sign the legal paperwork to officially adopt Leo, but things started to take a turn before that could happen.

Olivia had already grilled Tracy about the night of Alexis’ arrest. Naturally, Tracy did her best to avoid revealing much of anything. When Ned came back into the living room, Olivia started to flash back through many things that he, Alexis, and Tracy had said over the past few weeks.

Until now, Olivia had been entirely oblivious to Ned and Alexis having slept together recently. However, once all those memories came rushing back, she realized that something immensely problematic had happened.

The General Hospital preview for the next new show provides a hint of how intense this is about to get. Ned firmly says that “this” ends now, and it seems likely that this statement will freak out Tracy.

Will Ned finally admit that he slept with Alexis while Olivia was in Monte Carlo with Robert? There’s no good way for him to get himself out of this at this point.

If he tells the truth, he may lose his wife. If he tries to lie, he’ll likely end up exposed sooner rather than later anyway.

“Olivia has Ned’s number now,” one fan tweeted.

“…and Olivia finally is on the road to figuring out the truth. Pop some popcorn!!” another tweeted.

“Tracy and Brook Lynn the genes are so strong the way they have been making Ned sweat over his infidelity,” a third viewer posted.

General Hospital spoilers don’t yet reveal much about where this all goes next. However, it’s clear that viewers can expect some fiery-hot words from Olivia as she pieces this all together and there’s more on the way as the week continues.

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