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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Bombshells Shake Up Port Charles As Secrets Finally Emerge

Stacy Carey - Author

Jan. 21 2021, Updated 6:45 a.m. ET

This week on General Hospital is shaping up to be an intense one. A new sneak peek was shared via the show’s Twitter page on Tuesday morning, and it certainly has people buzzing.

There are several significant secrets that people in Port Charles are desperately trying to keep under wraps. Alexis and Ned’s fling is one, and Franco asking Jason to kill him if need be is another. Carly and Jax have figured out that Nelle was Nina’s daughter, and it looks as if the truth is about to emerge on this front.

The General Hospital sneak peek reveals that Elizabeth will confront Franco about his request of Jason. Based on the teasers available via SheKnows Soaps, it appears that this confrontation will come on Wednesday.

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How does Elizabeth figure this out? Regardless of how she learned about that conversation, it appears she’ll be stunned and quite upset.

During Thursday’s episode, General Hospital spoilers detail that Elizabeth will confront Jason. She will be furious over the fact that he agreed to help Franco if needed, and it sounds as if she won’t be mincing any words.

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The General Hospital preview also teases that Olivia will soon confront Ned. Tracy has been desperate to keep Olivia from finding out about that night between Ned and Alexis. However, it looks like her scheme may end up being central to the truth emerging anyway.

At some point this week, Olivia will demand that Ned tell her what happened with Alexis. First, however, Olivia has to deal with Tracy. This effort started on Monday, and there’s more coming on Tuesday.

At some point over the next few days, Alexis will toss out allegations toward someone. Could it be Tracy who will be on the receiving end of this? In addition, Alexis will start trying to make amends with people.

Another big secret involves that half-heart necklace. Carly figured out that the piece of jewelry Avery found near the cabin must have been Nelle’s and that it signaled a connection to Nina. She told Jax, but they have held back on telling Nina.

General Hospital teasers hint that this won’t remain hidden much longer. It appears that Jax and Carly will discuss the situation, and he’ll suggest that this is coming out one way or another.

Will Carly find out that Ava manipulated Josslyn into handing over that necklace? Right now, Ava isn’t aware of just how meaningful that piece of jewelry is.

However, with Ava involved, and Valentin apparently throwing him into this in some sense, Jax does seem to be right that it’s now just a matter of time. General Hospital spoilers promise that tensions will be running high in Port Charles as these secrets emerge, and fans are anxious to see how it all goes down.


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