‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Reality Steve Reveals Major Scoop On Matt James’ Season

Matt James’ run as ABC’s lead for The Bachelor is well underway now. Spoiler king Reality Steve has previously shared a few tidbits about how this journey plays out, and on Tuesday, he seemed prepared to double down on those teasers with some level of confidence.

According to Reality Steve’s latest post, he is still trying to get additional confirmation regarding his take on the last four Bachelor ladies standing and who receives the final rose. However, it does sound as if he believes things point consistently in one direction.

Not long ago, The Bachelor blogger shared some details regarding the bachelorettes who would get hometown dates with Matt. Rachael Kirkconnell, Serena Pitt, Bri Springs, and upcoming arrival Michelle Young were the women he thought would last that long during filming. Now, he’s saying that appears to be accurate.

At this stage, he seems fairly confident in taking things one step further. He detailed that he believes Serena is eliminated after hometowns and Bri departs during the overnight fantasy date process. If his Bachelor spoilers pan out to be accurate, that leaves Rachael and Michelle as Matt’s final two.

At this point, there are a lot of signals suggesting that Matt picks Rachel. However, it’s still not entirely confirmed by The Bachelor spoiler king that’s the case.

In fact, he revealed that he has heard a bit about a different scenario.

“Have I also been told he picked Bri? Yeah, I have. So clearly he didn’t pick two people, meaning one of those is flat out wrong,” he noted.

For now, he continues to search for information that solidifies that Matt chooses Rachael. He’s looking for more than word-of-mouth or a potential social media slipup to pin that down. He’s still working on it and is hoping to come up with what he needs before The Bachelor finale airs this spring.

If these Bachelor spoilers regarding Rachael are right, that is a pick that will surely generate a lot of buzz among fans.

“am i the only person rooting for rachael, that woman is so incredibly beautiful. #Rachaelforthewin,” one fan tweeted after this week’s show.

“Why doesn’t he just pick Rachael and run,” another Twitter user teased.

“Rachael is so cute. A favorite since night 1,” someone else tweeted.

Not everybody is convinced that she’s the right woman for Matt though. Some question her background and past, much like what The Bachelorette fans may remember from Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyan’s season.

Will Reality Steve’s spoilers as they stand now be accurate regarding the last portion of Matt’s season? The Bachelor viewers are eager to learn more and will be keeping their eyes and ears open for additional signs regarding what ultimately goes down.

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