January 15, 2021
Two Congress Members Start 'Pizza Donation Movement' To Support National Guard Stationed In Capitol

Two members of Congress showed their appreciation for the National Guard members stationed in the U.S. Capitol by making a massive pizza order -- one that has sparked the generosity of some other area restaurants.

As the Today show reported, Reps. Michael Waltz and Vicky Hartzler made a call to We the Pizza on Tuesday, ordering 150 pies for the men and women called up to protect the Capitol following the attack last week. Viral pictures and videos had shown the troops dressed in fatigues and sleeping in groups on the marble floors of the building. Waltz is a former United States Army officer himself, and the Florida Republican is the first Green Beret to serve in Congress.

The donation sparked a giving spirit with We the Pizza and what the Today show described as a "pizza donation movement." Micheline Mendelsohn, the deputy CEO for the pizzeria's parent company, said they wanted to send more pies to make sure all the troops were covered.

"We wanted to help, so we matched (the order)," Mendelsohn said. "Then we realized we weren't even sending nearly enough so we just started donating to troops."

The company doubled the order to the National Guard troops, the report noted, and have served close to 700 pizzas to the troops so far, with another 300 scheduled to be sent on Friday and every subsequent day until next week.

The company went on to set up an online donation portal where people can donate the $12 pies to troops, with plans to match each one purchased.

The troops will remain stationed in the Capitol for several more days, guarding the building and maintaining a presence after the attack last week. As Politico reported, some are calling for better accommodations for the 20,000 men and women who have been called into guarding the nation's capitol. On Thursday, more than a dozen House Democrats called on the U.S. Army to send cots, bedding, shower facilities, and other necessities so that they no longer have to sleep on the floor.

"With the uncertainty for needed rest and recoup time in flux, and to ensure that the Guard members are fully able to execute their protection mission, we urge you to make available cots or other equipment to more easily facilitate their ability to rest while they are on Capitol grounds," wrote Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut, chair of the House Appropriations Committee.

Others have joined in helping feed the roughly 20,000 troops guarding the Capitol. The Today show noted that seven other Washington, D.C., area restaurants are now donating food.