'XCOM' Official Site Taken Down, Trailers Taken Offline

The XCOM based first person shooter game that has been often delayed might be moving closer to officially canceled if we can read much into 2K's actions today. It is also possible that the game is getting the redesign and reboot that many people had speculated it might earn.

Because the company isn't actually talking about why the site is down and the videos that are on their YouTube channel are suddenly set to private, we are left guessing about what is going on. 2K actually went out of its way not to comment, when they were reached by the media a representative said that they had "no comment about the sites being down today."

XCOM's first person shooter certainly seems dead if the company isn't even willing to talk about what could have been dismissed as some sort of glitch or simply some house cleaning. Obviously what happened today wasn't a mistake on someone's part but rather completely intentional actions.

What you do see now when you go to the official site is simply a 404 error message. The YouTube video are only viewable if you are given special permission by 2K's administrators on the site.

If there is a re-branding and a rebooting, it appears that the game will be moving from first person shooter to third person, as rumors have been whispering about for a couple of years. The game was originally announced in 2010 and has been delayed a handful of times.

The latest time frame had the game being released in the 2014 fiscal year. The re-branding rumors were further fueled by 2K purchasing domain names like thebureau-game.com and whathappenedin62.com. The new game was or is expected to be called The Bureau.

What do you think of the official XCOM website going offline the same time the trailers are set to private?