‘The View’ Host Meghan McCain Condemns The Mob Who Stormed The Capitol: ‘You Are Scum Of The Earth’

The View host Meghan McCain condemned the actions of the mob who stormed the Capitol building on January 6 in a fiery statement during an episode of the daytime talk series that aired one day after the shocking event.

In an Instagram video shared by the show, Meghan looked saddened as she spoke her mind regarding the actions of those who believed it was their right to take over a federal building as a response to the alleged stolen presidential election of Donald Trump.

She began by saying that the incident was one of the great national tragedies of her lifetime. She then called it one of America’s darkest days and that she had been absolutely despondent while watching the events unfold. She said she is currently in Washington D.C. and that her sister-in-law works on Capitol Hill. Meghan explained the office door where her sister-in-law worked had its window busted.

The View host continued, saying this was a good time to take a very hard look at where America is as a country and how President Trump has affected that.

She remarked that the bedrock of the American democracy is the peaceful transition of power. She said Trump was clearly a president that had turned into a “mad king.”


At this point, Meghan called on all Republicans and Conservatives to invoke the 25th amendment. This addition to the United States Constitution speaks of how and when a president can be removed from office. One of those reasons is if the president is unable to discharge the powers and duties of the position. The full text of the amendment can be found here.

Meghan expressed that “we cannot withstand this” and stated the U.S. cannot possibly risk more violence between now and President Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20, which is why she is calling for Trump’s removal.

She said she was heartsick when she watched the footage of rioters using the American flag as a symbol as they attacked their own republic. She compared their usage of the flag to that of U.S. soldiers who raised the same flag at Iwo Jima after World War II.

Meghan said these people were not patriots and they did not represent America. She said they abused and ruined all she had grown up with and loved for their own sick agenda, which she declared came directly from Trump. Meghan blasted the president for not disavowing their actions or sending in the National Guard to settle the incident. Instead, he called the crowd “special” and said he loved the rioters.

“I am a patriot. I come from a patriotic family, I come from a family of service as does everyone on this show. You are hurting our country. You are becoming a national embarrassment and we have to get him out immediately, this cannot stand,” she stated, before concluding with a poignant quote from Oliver Cromwell.