Meghan McCain Says She’s Ready To ‘Trigger’ After Return To ‘The View’ Sees A Fiery Exchange With Joy Behar

Meghan McCain tweeted she was ready to head back to The View studios to “trigger” those people who would prefer that half the country didn’t exist. This followed a fiery exchange with Joy Behar on the show’s January 5 episode. Her statement regarding the 2020 presidential election results drew mixed responses from her followers, who hit the “like” button 2,500 times thus far on her tweet.

The statement came after the conservative commentator took her seat around the show’s infamous Hot Topics table. She recently returned from maternity leave following the birth of her daughter, Liberty Sage. She quickly clashed with Joy when The View host said she believed there was a divide within the GOP and claimed they were in trouble and that President Donald Trump was further dividing his party with his unfounded claims of election fraud.

This turned into a tense commentary between the two women, as seen in the video below.

Joy expressed her concern that Meghan had interrupted her train of thought, and Meghan called her opinions on the aforementioned topic “completely inaccurate.”

Meghan tried to lighten the mood by claiming that Joy missed fighting with her, to which the longest-running View host said she did not.

Show moderator Whoopi Goldberg tried to end the tiff, but Meghan continued to speak and told Joy that her comment was nasty and rude.

This terse exchange came on the heels of Meghan’s January 5 return where she insisted that Trump was trying to stage a coup after losing the presidential election, reported Decider. The discussion turned into the co-hosts’ first squabble of the new year until Whoopi shut down their remarks by cutting to a commercial break.

Twitter users felt the exchange was difficult to watch and shared their own opinions on the subject.

“I don’t see the left half as triggered as the right…sadly, we will all bear witness to that. I hope no one gets hurt,” tweeted a social media user, who alluded to a pro-Trump demonstration that will take place today in front of The White House to demonstrate against the results of the November 2020 election.

“I don’t really understand why you have to be so snarky all the time. Be more like your father was,” penned a second Twitter user.

“Won’t get triggered today. Feeling warm and safe The most I have felt in 4 years! Say what you like today I will be sitting back sipping my coffee and smiling so big!!” tweeted a third person.

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