‘My 600-LB Life’ Thederick Update: See If Morbidly Obese Man Can Get His Eating Under Control, Lose Weight

A picture of the My 600-LB Life logo.

Thederick came to My 600-LB Life facing dangerous consequences from his out-of-control eating habits.

Whether he was successful remained unclear ahead of the airing of the TLC docu-series. Thederick is the second person to be featured on Season 9 of the show, which chronicles the efforts of morbidly obese people to lose weight and regain control of their lives.

While the network often gives detailed previews of each episode, there was scant information about what happened to Thederick during his time on My 600-LB Life and after. In a synopsis for the show, the network gave a bit of background about what led to the man’s dangerous obesity.

“Thederick has become housebound from eating, and for 10 years, he’s only gone outside to greet the ice cream man,” a summary posted on IMDb read. “After a recent hospital scare, it’s finally clicked that if Dr. Now’s program doesn’t work for him, then nothing will.”

In a longer preview posted to the TLC Twitter page, it was shown that Thederick actually had an account with an ice cream vendor so he could buy it in bulk.

“The treats make it worthy for me to push myself to go outside,” Thederick was heard saying as he went to the porch.

The video showed him struggling to get out of bed, walking with what appeared to be bandaged feet. Thederick explained that he eats ice cream to start the day, saying that he finds comfort in the food, but adding that it’s just the beginning. He noted that he gets hungrier as he eats the first meal, so he moves on to make a large pizza order and eat in his living room.

The clip did not give any more details about his time on the show or potential work with Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, the world-renowned weight-loss surgeon who works with people featured on My 600-LB Life to lose weight, with many of them ultimately seeking surgery after they have lost a sufficient amount. The network is often tight-lipped about the progress of the individuals shown in episodes, and Thederick does not appear to have any public social media presence that gives updates.

As Hollywood Life noted, it has been a difficult year for My 600-LB Life, which has come under scrutiny from people featured in the past and as a number of cast members passed away. Last April, Season 5 subject James King died after suffering a number of health issues. Coliesa McMillian also died in September following complications from a surgical procedure.