The Young And The Restless Spoilers: Elena & Devon Reconnect

New The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that Elena moves forward with Nate. However, she and Devon reconnect shortly after, which ends up causing her to doubt herself. Elena actress Brytni Sarpy recently dished the complicated storyline with Soap Opera Digest.

Sarpy previewed that Elena finally takes the next step with Nate (Sean Dominic), and they end up sleeping together. After doing the deed, she feels pretty good about herself and how things are going with Nate. She's content in a way she hasn't been in a while since her one night stand with Nate led to the breakup with Devon (Bryton James). The doctor worried so much that Devon saw Hilary when he saw Amanda (Mishael Morgan) that she allowed it to wreck their relationship.

For a while, Elena tried to push Nate away, and he decided to leave Genoa City, but she asked him not to. Since then, they've gone on a few dates, but she's resisted moving things to the next level, even running out of a hotel room he'd rented for them at The Grand Phoenix. She's suffered guilt over cheating on Devon, and she's been unsure of her feelings for Nate.

Bryton James, from the cast of the CBS series The Young and the Restless.
CBS | Sonja Flemming

"Elena feels that the only possible reason for her cheating and hurting a man she cared so deeply for was that there must be something she's been in denial about when it comes to Nate," Sarpy said.

Although she still cares for Devon, Elena realizes that he's unwilling to forgive her and attempt to heal their relationship. Instead, she hopes to move forward and enjoy the life she currently leads. When she runs into Devon at Crimson Lights, the former couple has a reconnection, and they talk things through.

"She wants to work on making peace with Devon instead of continually longing for him and living in regret. When Devon tells her that he and Amanda are just friends, I think she doubts that'll be the case for long," teased the actress.

Just when she felt good about things and moving on with Nate, Elena begins to focus on her ex again.

"Unfortunately, connecting with Devon again just reminds Elena of what she's been missing since they broke up. He'll be on her mind more than ever," Sarpy said.

This new round of doubts could spell doom for the burgeoning relationship between the two doctors. However, it looks like Devon and Amanda are growing closer and he may end up dating his late wife's twin, which would fulfill Elena's initial worries.