Weekly 'General Hospital 'Spoilers: Jason's Furious While Carly's Holding Out Hope

Stacy Carey

Tempers will flare throughout the week of January 4 according to the latest General Hospital spoilers. A new sneak peek was shared via the show's Twitter page on Monday morning and viewers can expect both steamy and intense developments.

The preview shows Carly talking about how she is certain that Sonny will return home. She is not going to give up on the idea that he is still alive and coming back to her soon. Despite trying to put up a brave front about this, it is clear that she will remain deeply concerned.

However, General Hospital teasers signal that she might have to wait a while for confirmation that her husband survived the fall from the bridge. While Sonny's whereabouts remain unknown, Carly and Jason will find themselves navigating some tough moments.

As viewers saw last week, Carly surprised Jason by making a bold move on her own. She had Cyrus' mother, Florence, whisked away from her care facility, thinking this would force him to hold back on endangering her family.

Unfortunately, it did not take the mobster long to show up at the Corinthos house. Viewers will see what transpires next during Monday's show.

Carly felt that this move regarding Florence would ultimately protect her family and keep Cyrus from escalating the brewing mob war. However, General Hospital spoilers hint that Jason will make it clear he's not happy about what she did.

"This is a line I never thought I would cross," he angrily tells her before walking away and slamming a door.

Unfortunately, he's pulled into this now, whether he wants to be or not. When Cyrus arrived at the house, he blew past Carly and assumed that Jason was responsible.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Cyrus may end up regretting his impulsive reaction. General Hospital teasers suggest that Jason will put Cyrus in his place quite quickly, although this confrontation won't necessarily resolve anything.

The new preview also teases steamy moments involving TJ and Molly. The pull between Sasha and Brando will intensify, and Alexis' drunken antics continue to cause drama. Maxie will be pushing forward on her wedding plans, and apparently, she becomes something of a Bridezilla.

The General Hospital sneak peek also teased that there are developments with Ava, Elizabeth, Jordan, Sam, and others coming as 2021 kicks into full gear.