Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Carly’s Scheme Concerns Jason & Prompts A Visit From A Furious Cyrus

When General Hospital returns on Monday, January 4, spoilers tease that Cyrus Renault will be a man on a mission. The last that viewers saw, he was left furious after a phone call and he told Brando that someone had taken his mother. He will quickly work on finding her and this could get intense.

A General Hospital sneak peek shared by ABC on the show’s website provides a glimpse of what comes next. It appears that on Monday, everybody will see a brief encore of what came at the end of Wednesday’s show.

Jason was telling Carly that her antics at the pier would push Cyrus to escalate things. She got an alert on her phone and then said that an escalation wouldn’t be coming after all.

He was anxious to know what she meant by this, and General Hospital viewers quickly made the connection as the action shifted to Cyrus at the Metro Court.

The preview clip shows Carly telling Jason that they won’t be vulnerable because she solved “it.” As he asks what she means, the landline rings. He picks up the phone and it seems it’s security telling him someone has arrived to see them.

He tells the guards to send “him” up as Carly tucks her cellphone in her back pocket and watches anxiously.

Next, Jason tells Carly that she has to go upstairs. She questions why, and he says it’s because Cyrus is coming.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Carly will jab her finger toward Jason and tell him that “it” worked, a satisfied and smug look on her face. Unfortunately, she hadn’t looped her best friend in on her scheme, so he’s perplexed as she rushes over to answer the door.

“Carly, what worked? What’d you do?” he asks her.

Carly marches to the front door and opens it to greet Cyrus. What he doesn’t know is that she is the one who orchestrated the scheme to sneak his mother Florence out of her care facility. He brushes her off and heads straight for Jason.

Cyrus calls Jason a bastard and demands to know where his mother is. He even makes a fist with one hand as if he’s tempted to physically lash out at Jason.

At this point, Cyrus’ back is to Carly. She looks concerned as the mobster confronts Jason, perhaps a bit worried about the fact she hadn’t had time to fill her bestie in on what she’d done before Cyrus arrived.

Luckily, Jason just keeps his gaze steady and facial expression solemn as he listens to Cyrus tear into him.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps hint that Cyrus may come to regret his decision to rush over to the Corinthos house and confront Jason like this. Teasers suggest that he’ll end up looking foolish, although once he leaves, Carly will probably have a lot of explaining to do to her bestie.

Will this scheme work as she’d hoped, or will it ultimately backfire on her and put her family in even more danger? General Hospital viewers will learn much more on Monday and this will certainly be a tense confrontation.

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