Xbox 720: Microsoft Buys Up ‘Xbox Fusion’ Domains

The Xbox 720 could soon be renamed the Xbox Fusion if Microsoft’s domain purchases are any indication.

There has been a ton of domain registrations over the last few days that have popped up over the last few days. Those domain purchases all have the same basic name in the title.

That is leading industry analysts to believe that Microsoft is getting set to finally unveil the real name of their next generation console.

There is no guarantee that the names actually tie back to the new console. There could be any kind of Xbox themed plan going on here.

Smartglass is something the company has been dedicating more time and attention to, and it would make sense if they were coming up with a new name for a service.

Still, the Xbox 720 seems most likely to be renamed Xbox Fusion according to domain investor Andy Booth. The man who makes a living paying attention to these trends seems quite convinced we’ve been clued into the new title.

The domains that have been registered so far are,,,,, and several others.

Microsoft owns all of them with the twist in this story being that they also recently purchased and

With the calendar turning to a new month we are a scant three months away from finding out for sure one way or another. The company is set to reveal their next generation video gaming console on May 21.

While we probably won’t learn everything on that day we will certainly get the first details. It makes sense that the company will be leaking info all the way up to June’s E3.

By doing it that way, they will be staying in the headlines more consistently and over a longer period of time.

What do you think of the Xbox 720’s potential new name being the Xbox Fusion?