Xbox 720 Reportedly Getting Achievement Tweaks, Recording Features

Xbox 720 rumors are starting to swirl even faster and more furiously than they were a month ago, if that’s even possible.

With the next Xbox officially announced, reports are starting to surface that are a little more trustworthy about just what the next generation console has to offer. With less than a month to go before we get our first real look at the device some of the juicier reports indicate that this console will come with a DVR function of sorts.

According to Polygon sources, one of the coolest features of this device is that the DVR function will actually be able to capture different highlights from your gameplay.

Xbox 720’s DVR feature would allow you to basically record that achievement that you hit that you just need to tell the world about and allow you to upload it to YouTube or Twitter. This actually seems to be the same kind of video capturing installation that the Playstation 4 has already confirmed it will include.

While that might seem like a bit of copycatting, there are plenty of smartphones that all do virtually the same thing except for a tweak here or a tweak there. It seems that both next generation consoles will be looking to beat each other out by focusing on smaller details to set one another apart.

One of those small points that may lure gamers in is the way Microsoft is said to be handling achievements on the new device. Reports indicate that developers will be able to update different achievements for a game any time after it has been released.

This is a rather major change for achievement hunters who are used to having to wait for an entire DLC pack to land. This kind of a tweak is certainly not going to be something everyone cares about, but hard core gamers will certainly sit up and take notice.

The Xbox 720 is due to be revealed on May 21 and we should get confirmation on some of these rumors then.

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