‘Queen of Versailles’ Refutes Documentary By Appearing On ‘Bravo’ To Promote It

“Queen of Versailles” Jackie Siegel appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live in all her ticky-tacky glory to prove that she’s still just as lacking in good taste as she was in the recently aired Bravo documentary The Queen of Versailles. The hooker-look leopard-skin printed yellow dress exposed most of her surgically enhanced cleavage. Her shiny black knee high boots were just the icing on the cake.

But no one has ever accused the wife of timeshare mogul David Siegel of suffering from an over-abundance of good taste. Lauren Greenfield spent two years making Sundance smash hit The Queen of Versailles — and another year fighting a lawsuit from the Siegels to prevent the release of the unflattering film.

Among other things, the documentary chronicled the tacky couple’s plan to build the largest single family residence in Florida, the United States, or maybe even the world — the $75 million mansion nicknamed Versailles.

The original Palace of Versailles was, of course, the famous Sun King, Louis XIV’s palace in pre-revolutionary France. Its construction bankrupted the nation and led almost directly to the 18th century French Revolution and the execution of his grandson Louis XVI.

The new Versailles, proposed before America’s 21st century economic crisis, came close to representing a similar disaster for the Siegel’s personal finances — well, except for the part where heads literally roll.

Embarrassed by The Queen of Versailles, David Siegel tried to claim that he never signed a proper release form to allow the documentary to be made in the first place. Somehow, he never noticed that, during the two years of filming, sometimes with him front and center to describe his victories — and financial reverses — in the controversial timeshare industry.

A judge ruled for Greenfield earlier this year, calling Siegel’s claim “bizarre” and clearing the way for Bravo to air the film a few days ago.

On Watch What Happens Live, Jackie Siegel said that Westgate Resorts just enjoyed its best year ever and that construction on Versailles has now resumed. It will take another three years to complete the project.

The leopard-print dress was proof enough for me that she will continue forward in all her glorious bad taste.

However, just in case you wondered if she could really be that awful, on Monday she revealed to TheHuffington Post that she had once dated Donald Trump and that they were still good friends.

Honestly, Jackie, if I was trying to stay out of the media crosshairs, I would have kept that information under my hat. Here’s one of the trailers from The Queen of Versailles:

Hubby David Siegel may regret the exposure, but Jackie Siegel seems to love being known to one and all as the notorious “Queen of Versailles.”

[Lauren Greenfield (glasses) and Jackie Siegel (gold jacket) photo by Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com]

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