Wii U Hacked? New Hack Could Allow Games To Be Played Via USB

A Wii U hack has reportedly been uncovered that allows the Wii U to play games and other content via USB media.

The hack, announced by builders of Wii hacking devices WiiKey, is said to work on Wii U devices from any region and requires no soldering.

WiiKey’s new device comes with the unwieldy name of “WiikeÜ,” and will connect to the Wii U via USB. WiiKey currently offers a device which allows users to hack the original Wii in the same way.

WiiKey’s declaration sadly makes no mention of homebrew content (games coded in bedrooms, video player applications, and the like), so this looks like something that will enable piracy on the platform. It looks like we could be getting a system update or three in the near future, folks.

TechCrunch notes that the homebrew community is also devising methods to run media via USB, and that a Homebrew Channel is already available for the Wii U.

Burning copies of games onto recordable disks is still impossible, thanks to the Wii U copy protection being built directly into the system’s Blu-ray drive.

While Wiikey’s Wii U hack could open up a world of weird and fascinating homebrew (some of which was really great on the Nintendo DS – 2D Portal, anybody?), it seems naïve to think this won’t be exploited to hell by pirates.

Either way, it’s hardly going to make Nintendo’s April more fun, particularly as its console continues to sell below expectations.