Nintendo Wii U Misses Sales Target Again

The Nintendo Wii U is still seeing some significant problems hitting sales projections. Despite getting a net profit overall, the company announced that the recently ended fiscal quarter sale slow sales for the console yet again.

This report comes at a time when the company is trying desperately to show that it still has faith in the system by upping the amount of games that are going to be released this year.

Earlier this month, there were reports that sales for the console had actually started to rise, but it appears that uptick was too little, too late for the last fiscal year.

Nintendo Wii U’s sales totaled just 390,000 units since December. That means that, if sales did indeed increase over the last month, one has to wonder just how bad sales were before the upward trend.

The company was still in a fairly decent mood when it announced its financials, thanks in large part to the fact that the Super Mario creator was able to claim a net profit of $71.7 million for the year that ended in March.

The operating loss for the company overall was also less than the operating loss for the year previous. The trend towards real respectability again seems to be why there is no one panicking in Japan just yet.

The company seems pretty unbowed by the latest financial report and is still maintaining that this year will be a very good one for their latest console.

The gaming firm says that people will be coming to the device more than ever in 2013 while also embracing the 3DS thanks to the “compelling nature” of its hardware.

The 3DS did do quite a bit better than its console counterpart, selling more than 31 million units of hardware compared to just 3.45 million units.

The Nintendo Wii U is going to need strong 2013 if it wants to stay in the gaming console discussions at all.