Mexican Official’s Daughter Closes Restaurant After Row Over A Table

The daughter of a Mexican official reportedly tried to get a restaurant closed down because she didn’t receive the table she desired when she arrived there.

Andrea Benitez, who is the daughter of Humberto Benitez Trevino, the federal attorney general for consumer protection, apparently visited the restaurant and wasn’t provided the table that she wanted.

Then, just several hours later, inspectors turned up at the venue, with official “suspended” signs that they used to punish the restaurant.

Trevino has since apologized for “the inappropriate behaviour of my daughter Andrea.” He then added, “She exaggerated the situation and the officials of the Attorney General’s Office for Consumer Protection, which I head, overreacted because it was my daughter,” he wrote. “Immediately upon hearing of the situation, I ordered the raid (on the restaurant) suspended, to avoid any excesses.”

An investigation into the ordeal has now been ordered by the Mexican president, Enrique Pena Nieto, and the restaurant has now reopened for business, but it can’t sell liquor.

However, after this incident many Mexicans have responded in disgust and want the country’s government to cease being so underhanded.

This is just the latest of several incidents that have seen family members of Mexican officials threaten innocent people in anger. However, despite the fact that these actions have occurred for generations, the recent surge in social networking sites now means that these stories go viral instantly.

The writer, Guadalupe Loaeza, remarked, “As a society, we are fed up with, disgusted with this. This is an attitude of the past; it doesn’t fit with the times.”

Loaeza is hopeful that these actions are a thing of the past now though, stating, “Mexican society is not going to put up with this any more. Now people complain, now it becomes a scandal.”

What do you think of Andrea Benitez’s actions?

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