Monday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Michael & Willow Face Sasha & Chase After Learning The Truth

During Monday’s episode of General Hospital, spoilers indicate that there are a couple of difficult conversations on the way. These conversations could determine the future for a couple of former pairs and there may be heartbreak on the way.

Michael and Willow recently slept together and have decided they have romantic feelings for one another. Chase walked in on them just as he was hoping to express his feelings for her, and he was crushed to realize what had just happened.

After Sasha’s drug overdose, Michael and Willow finally learned that Chase and Sasha faked the fling that split both couples apart. During Friday’s show, Michael went to visit Sasha at General Hospital while Willow texted Chase that she needed to talk to him.

A General Hospital sneak peek shared on ABC provides a hint of where these conversations head during Monday’s show.

Chase will tell Willow that he said pretty much everything he had to say when he confessed the prior night at General Hospital. Spoilers reveal that she’ll say that he might have said everything, but now it’s her turn.

Willow will tell an anxious Chase that there’s something she needs to say to him. He will, of course, look anxious and hopeful as he waits to hear what she says next.

At General Hospital, Michael will enter Sasha’s room. This is the first time she’s interacted with him since her overdose, although she knows he sat by her side while she was unconscious.

Sasha will look thrilled to see Michael walk through the door. He’ll mention that visiting hours are over, but she still has him listed as her emergency contact so that provided a visiting exception.

She will then tell ex-boyfriend that she knows he sat by her bedside for hours after she was brought to General Hospital. Sasha will tell him how much she appreciates that, and detail that he doesn’t owe her anything after how things ended between them.

He will stop her at that point and tell Sasha that he owes her everything. Unfortunately, that’s where the sneak peek ends.

What will Michael and Willow say to Sasha and Chase? Will the marriage that was initially done as a way to protect Wiley end now, or will these two decide to leave their relationships with Sasha and Chase in their past and remain married?

According to Soap Central, Michael will breathe a sigh of relief during the week of December 7. In addition, Michael and Willow will end up on the same page.

While he will feel relieved in the days ahead, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Sasha will be feeling stubborn and determined. Brando will do his best to support her, and some teasers have hinted that there might be more about to develop between them.

Does all of this mean that Michael and Willow will decide to stay together after all? General Hospital viewers are curious to see where this heads next, and some answers should come on Monday.

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