‘Anomaly 2’ Lands Trailer And May 15 Release

Anomaly 2 has landed a trailer and a May 15 release date.

Anomaly 2 is the planned sequel to Anomaly: Warzone Earth, which was a surprise hit in 2011. Anomaly takes the idea of tower defense and flips it around, making you the invader taking on the defenses. The RTS (real time strategy) sequel is expected to give multiplayer co-op options, giving one player the role of the attacker, while the other defends the base. The game will also offer the option to turn any structure into a walking mech, adding a new degree of strategy to the mix.

Anomaly 2 is planned to hit Mac, Linux, and PC in mid-May, giving computer gamers a bit more to do this Summer.

The trailer for Anomaly 2 begins with a panning view of a rotating Earth. Words appear above it, “Year 2034 A.C., average surface temp: -8.7 F, anomaly temp: presumably high, human population: unknown.”

The scene fades out to a frozen landscape with a distant mountain range. There appears to be metal structures to both sides of a road, over which a large truck and a motorcycle approach. An old car appears to be left stranded on the side, opposite an overhead road sign with the words “New York” on it.

The music fades in as the truck closes in. Words overlay the scene as we follow the truck and motorcycle “11 Bit Studios Presents.”

We hear someone say, “I thought this was a war zone. Where’s the primo gear?”

The guy on the bike turns his head toward the truck, “We’re scavengers, man. We gotta scavenge.” He turns his head back to the front and shows a degree of surprise.

We are then in the perspective of someone in the truck as a bright red light flashes directly ahead. They pass what looks like a gas station as they close in on the source of the red light.

The rest of the trailer for Anomaly 2 is above.

Are you excited about the release of Anomaly 2 in May?