Friday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Trina Leans On Josslyn & Carly Rages About Julian

Sydney Mikayla and Real Andrews play Trina and Taggert on 'General Hospital'
Todd Wawrychuk / ABC

General Hospital spoilers hint that the episode airing on Friday will bring viewers one step closer to seeing bombshells dropping related to both Taggert and Julian. Both men are trying to stay a step ahead of those aiming to track them down, and it seems that they may soon both run out of luck.

During Thursday’s General Hospital episode, Trina was put in a very unsettling position. First, a mystery man approached her when she was by herself. He said there was something about her father she needed to know. Soon, Cyrus showed up to talk with her.

Julian recently told Cyrus that Taggert was still alive, a bombshell that the mobster hadn’t thought to consider previously. He has yet to be able to prove it, but he’s wasting no time in trying to figure out where his nemesis is hiding. That’s where he figured Trina could be rather useful to him.

Cyrus stunned Trina by telling her that her father was still alive. After his chat with the teen, he made a call and said that he was certain Trina would lead them to Taggert.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Trina will connect with Josslyn during Friday’s General Hospital show. Trina will tell Joss something that might impact their friendship, which might ordinarily seem like it would be about Cameron.

Eden McCoy, William Lipton, and Sydney Mikayla star on 'General Hospital'
  Todd Wawrychuk / Walt Disney Television

However, given this stunning revelation from Cyrus, Trina will probably tell her bestie about the idea that her father is still alive. Little does Josslyn know that Taggert is hiding out right next door to her home. Not only that, but both Sonny and Carly know he’s there.

The General Hospital sneak peek for the December 4 show indicates that Trina will make Josslyn swear and promise her something. It could be that Trina tells Joss what Cyrus said about Taggert and makes her promise not to tell anybody else.

Taggert isn’t the only one trying to prevent others from finding him though. It was revealed during Thursday’s show that Julian didn’t die in that leap off the parapet at Wyndemere. He surprised Martin at his office and blackmailed him into helping him get out of Port Charles.

Julian found a photo that Martin had in the office that could spell trouble for the lawyer if it were to be publicly exposed. It could be a snapshot showing Martin with Cyrus since it seems the two have a hidden connection.

Regardless of what’s in the photo, Julian was right to suspect that Martin would cave to his demands over it. Julian got stacks of money from Martin and will be anxious to get out of Port Charles before, Ava, Sonny, Jason, or Cyrus track him down and kill him.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Carly will express outrage toward Julian on Friday. It doesn’t seem that she’ll see him and share this in person though. Rather, it appears that she’ll rant to Jason and Sonny about her fury and want reassurances that they’ll track him down and take care of him.

The truth about Taggert faking his death will surely be fully exposed shortly. As for Julian, he will be leaving town very soon. However, General Hospital spoilers hint that he might still face some challenges before he escapes.