Intriguing ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Suggest Trina Might Be Facing Trouble Again Thanks To Cyrus

Thursday’s episode of General Hospital should contain some juicy developments according to the latest spoilers. Sonny and Cyrus continue to dance around one another and it looks as if Taggart and his loved ones are about to become a central piece of what’s next on this front.

Toward the end of Wednesday’s show, a guy approached Trina while she was sitting alone. It didn’t take long for General Hospital viewers to begin to worry about her safety once again.

It’s not a stretch to suspect that this man is someone working for Cyrus. Is he about to kidnap Trina again as Cyrus works on drawing Taggert out of hiding?

“Uhoh. Is Trina about to get kidnapped? YOU BETTER NOT MESS WITH TRINA,” one General Hospital fan blasted on Twitter.

As Julian tried to appease Cyrus, he revealed that Taggert was still alive. So far, the mobster hasn’t been able to prove this. However, he’s confident that Sonny’s involved and he’s going to try to get his nemesis to admit the truth.

According to General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, there is a significant amount of Taggert-related action coming with Thursday’s show. He’ll cross paths with Carly, and she will apparently give him quite the tongue-lashing.

Viewers will also see Portia and Jordan opening up to one another, and these two women are definitely making strides in softening toward one another. That may not last for long though.

While there are plenty of people angling to take down Cyrus, it seems that he’ll be working angles of his own. Luckily, General Hospital teasers suggest that Trina won’t be kidnapped by this mysterious man.

During Friday’s episode, she’ll connect with Josslyn and share something that could be problematic for their friendship. That might mean that the guy who talks to Trina does so as more of a warning shot to try to lure Taggert out of hiding.

Taggert is very protective of his daughter and has already been trying to keep an eye on her. Unfortunately, Cyrus is well aware of Taggert’s protective nature when it comes to his daughter, so he knows this is a vulnerable spot.

“This is upsetting! I mean I love seeing Trina on my TV, but if she’s in danger again… I think this is intentional bc GH knows we love our girl Trina,” another viewer tweeted.

“Trina is a warrior & #GH can’t write enough of her bravery. Plus, @SydneyMikayla has earned the screen time with her acting chops,” another tweet read.

The General Hospital sneak peek for Thursday’s show didn’t reveal anything specific regarding this situation with the teen. Viewers might not get to see the rest of that conversation with the mystery guy until Friday, but the December 3 episode will have plenty of action that is still connected to her.

When will she find out her father is still alive? How will Portia and Curtis react when they find out that Jordan conspired with him to fake his death? General Hospital spoilers signal that this bombshell should be dropping soon and fans are ready for it.

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