‘General Hospital’ Halloween Spoilers: Anna Faces A Major Threat & Someone’s Following The Teens

Halloween will be causing some chaos in Port Charles this coming week, according to the latest General Hospital spoilers. In the past, the city has navigated some frightful shockers, and it seems that this year may follow the same path.

According to Soaps in Depth, a major storm will be poised to strike Port Charles right as it’s time for some Halloween fun. General Hospital teasers indicate that the holiday-related action will begin with the episode airing on Thursday, October 29, and there are big threats on the horizon.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Finn and Anna will have plans to go trick-or-treating with Violet. Hopefully, that means that young actress Jophielle Love will be seen in some new scenes, which would be her first since the coronavirus pandemic shutdown.

On the other hand, it could also be that viewers don’t actually see Violet, and she’s just referenced ahead of the plans that get interrupted. Young kids haven’t been brought back to the General Hospital set since production resumed in July. Despite that, everybody would love to see this actress again, especially for this event.

Unfortunately, these family trick-or-treating plans hit a snag. Finn will be called back to General Hospital and Anna will stick with Violet. However, Anna ends up facing some sort of evil threat by herself. Does this mean that Alex is about to show up for another confrontation with her sister?

Despite some awkward interactions within the teen crew, viewers will see Trina, Cameron, Josslyn, and Dev meet up for some spooky activities. General Hospital spoilers detail that the gals will head to Charlie’s Pub to meet up with the guys and they will go to a party from there.

However, someone will be following the quartet. Julian will notice that somebody wearing a mask is keeping tabs on the teens. Not wanting to risk their safety, Julian will confront the person.

Could it possibly be Taggert, who is back in town and keeping an eye on his daughter and her friends? According to SheKnows Soaps, there will be a focus during that episode with Trina wanting to repair her father’s reputation.

Given that teaser, it would be logical to suspect that General Hospital viewers will soon see the not-so-dead former detective again. In fact, actor Real Andrews recently hinted that might be the case.

Whether it’s Taggert or someone else, it seems that Julian’s life is getting more complicated by the day. General Hospital teasers indicate that he’ll receive an offer from Nikolas, and he’s still facing pressure from Cyrus.

Cyrus will play a role in the spooky holiday ahead as well. He will show up at the Metro Court for dinner, and he will have somebody with him. Apparently, Carly will be stunned to see who is with him. Could it be Brando?

Jason and Sonny know of Brando’s plan to infiltrate Cyrus’ organization, but Carly isn’t looped into these kinds of business-related developments. She surely would be stunned to see Sonny’s cousin suddenly working for Cyrus.

Will this year’s Halloween in Port Charles be filled with frights? General Hospital teasers suggest that may be the case, and fans have plenty to look forward to this week.

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