Sean Hannity Appears To Undermine Neoconservative Push For War With Iran

As neoconservatives like former National Security Adviser John Bolton push for a preemptive attack on Iran, Fox News’ Sean Hannity undermined the argument, Raw Story reported.

Bolton recently pointed to the killing of top Iranian atomic scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh — which Iran suggested is linked to Israel — and claimed the regime is “seeking nuclear weapons for terrorist purposes.” But a piece from Hannity on Saturday highlighted a Jerusalem Post report that claimed the death would likely put a halt to the country’s atomic weapons program.

“Either way, Fakhrizadeh’s death will very likely put Iran’s nuclear program on hold. At least for a while,” the report read.

“His death is also a major signal that Israel and the U.S. will not give up on preventing the country from obtaining such weaponry. The message is clear: Remember, no nuclear scientist is safe.”

Hannity is allegedly referred to by White House advisers as President Donald Trump’s “shadow” chief of staff, The Washington Post reported. His influence in the White House allegedly rivaled former chief of staff John F. Kelly and he often serves as an outside ally for Trump.

Host Sean Hannity on set of FOX's "Hannity With Sean Hannity" at FOX Studios on April 21, 2014 in New York City.

Per Vox, Hannity has previously expressed support for attacking Iran. In the wake of the Iranian missile strikes on an al-Asad airbase in Iraq that was housing U.S. troops, the host pushed for retaliation that would pave the way for “major poverty” in the country.

“They’re going to get hit hard,” Hannity said.

“I would imagine those refineries blew up one day, they got themselves a hell of a domestic problem, because that’s going to result in major poverty for the people of Iran.”

His claims ran counter to fellow Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who pushed back against war with Iran at the time. As The Inquisitr reported, Carlson allegedly provided the president with private counsel and is said to have told him to halt the planned retaliatory strike against Iran, which the president ultimately called off.

According to Vox, Fox News was divided over war with Iran during escalated tensions with the nation earlier this year. While Hannity and Pete Hegseth supported military action, Carlson and Geraldo Rivera were opposed to intervention.

With the assassination of Fakhrizadeh, tensions are again high in the region. Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) John Brennan called the killing a criminal act and urged Iran to avoid retaliation and wait for Joe Biden to replace Trump in the White House.