‘Tiger Woods PGA Tour 15’ Rumored To Be On The Chopping Block

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 15 is going to be canceled, according to persistent rumors from people inside of Electronic Arts.

Electronic Arts has been having a heck of a bad 2013 and it appears that 2014 is going to hurt the company a little bit too if the latest rumors are true. Having to cancel a long running sports series because they simply don’t have the staff to work on it seems to be an indication of something worse coming down the pike.

Kotaku is reporting that inside sources have said that next year’s version of the Tiger Woods golf game is going to be canceled after previous plans were scuttled. Those plans were apparently made by former CEO John Riccietello.

After the CEO left the company, plans to ship the development of the game outside the company were done away with. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 15 is now apparently just canceled completely.

The plan to ship the development off to someone else was apparently scrapped as another in a long line of cost saving maneuvers. The game has also not been given to another in-house development team which is what has insiders believing that EA is going to be taking at least a year off.

Worse news still for fans of the series is that rumors persist that members of the team that has worked on the game in the past have been moved onto other development squads.

EA sports in general is said to have lost about 10 percent of its workforce. That could mean that the game is not so much canceled for one year as it is canceled for good.

There have been few sports games that have managed to take a year off and come back strong enough to continue later. Sports game fans expect a new version every year and if that new version doesn’t come, they tend to move on.

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