Joe Biden’s Presidency Will End ‘America First’ Policies, Analyst Says

Conservative political analyst Michael Johns believes that Joe Biden’s presidency will end the “America First” policies that were touted by Donald Trump’s administration.

“Should Biden be sworn in as president on January 20, it will be the end of ‘America First’ policies,” he tweeted on Monday.

Johns linked to a July article from The American Prospect that outlined the Democrat’s purported foreign policy team and their links to the “shadowy world” of strategic consulting. In particular, the piece argued that links to the WestExec Advisors, a Washington, D.C., strategic advisory firm, could shape the course of Biden’s overseas policy.

Emma Sky, who advised the U.S. military in Iraq, suggested that these figures would likely be crucial to guiding Biden’s foreign relationships.

“He’s not a guy who knows history. He’s not a guy who is intellectually curious. It’s all about personal relationships.”

As reported by NBC Boston, Biden nominated Anthony Blinken and Avril Haines to his administration as Secretary of State and Director of National Intelligence. Both were mentioned by The American Prospect article for their ties to WestExec Advisors.

“Declaring ‘America is back,’ President-elect Joe Biden introduced selections for his national security team Tuesday, his first substantive offering of how he’ll shift from the Trump administration’s ‘America First’ policies by relying on overseas policy and domestic security experts from the Democratic establishment to serve as some of his most important advisers,” NBC Boston reported.

According to the publication, Biden’s choices are part of an attempt to reestablish America on the world stage and ensure that its relationships with overseas powers take the form of more “predictable” engagements. At an introductory event, Biden claimed that his team reflects that the U.S. is “back, ready to lead the world,” as opposed to turning its back on it.

President-elect Joe Biden introduces key foreign policy and national security nominees and appointments at the Queen Theatre on November 24, 2020 in Wilmington, Delaware.

Per Fox News, Former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis revealed on Monday that he hoped that Biden takes the “America First” slogan out of his national security strategy. According to the former Trump official, who penned a Foreign Affairs op-ed with Kori Schake, Jim Ellis, and Joe Felter, America should focus on a more cooperative commitment — one that has purportedly benefitted the United States for decades.

Biden’s messaging has not always run in opposition to Trump’s. The president-elect’s Build Back Better slogan used throughout his campaign was previously accused of attempting to channel Trump’s populist energy. As The Inquisitr reported, former White House strategist Steve Bannon claimed the Democrat was trying to steal the president’s 2016 campaign. He added that the narrative belongs to Trump.